Risk Engineer

Date: Oct 21, 2021

Location: Singapore, SG

Company: SCOR


Singapore Singapore (SG) 


Risk Engineer 





          About SCOR         

SCOR, the 4th largest reinsurer in the world, provides insurance companies with a diversified and innovative range of solutions and services to control and manage risk. Using its experience and expertise, “The Art & Science of Risk”, SCOR provides cutting-edge financial solutions, analytics tools and services in all areas related to risk – in Life & Health insurance as well as in P&C insurance. Our specialist teams operate in over 120 countries, developing value added and innovative products and services and making long-term commitments to their clients, namely insurers and large corporations.
SCOR's aim, as an independent global reinsurance company, is to develop its Life and P&C business lines, to provide its clients with a broad range of innovative reinsurance solutions and to pursue an underwriting policy founded on profitability, supported by effective risk management and a prudent investment policy, in order to offer its clients an optimum level of security, to create value for its shareholders, and to contribute to the welfare and resilience of Society by helping to protect insureds against the risks they face.


Job Summary

Regional risk control engineer preferably stationed in Singapore. He/She will handle property risk inspection/visit/survey & report on behalf of the Company and also conducts relevant in-house or external property risk related training/seminars for mostly Oil, Petrochemical and Chemical Occupancies.


Key duties and responsibilities

  • Conduct / participate in site visits on behalf of SCOR Re. Risks include energy risks (gas plants, oil refineries, LNG plants, petrochemical and chemical plants, also potential power generation plants as well). Internal or market reports to be written and delivered in a timely fashion.
  • Perform technical accumulation reviews (TAR) to assist underwriters in GAL assessment for large & complex multi-tenant locations.
  • Conduct desktops reviews for complex accounts to assist underwriters.
  • Verify declared property damage total insured values (PD TIV) by using SCOR valuation check tool (Scrape).
  • Conduct internal training sessions for UWs and seminars for customers on Risk Control topics.
  • Provide technical support to SCOR UW for assessing the risk quality, loss estimates and potential risks accumulation.
  • Provide support in establishing internal guidelines on Risk Control topics.
  • Develop and maintain a network of qualified and recognized risk control experts in the area. Thus, including partnership with specialized companies and freelance in certain fields of expertise.
  • Provide help and support to some of our insured client (i.e., corporate risk) to establish Risk Management program including the introduction of Risk Control program.


Required experience & competencies


Experience: - 

  • At least 15 years’ experience as chemical engineer (or equivalent) with experience in oil & chemical facilities. Previous insurance engineering (survey work) in the oil & chemical sector would be a definite plus.


Experience: - 

  • Recognized training in process safety management or equivalent.
  • Familiar with API and CCPS standards.
  • Familiar with full report writing process including recommendations, loss estimates and property report


Language skills:

  • English: fluent. Working language. All reports are written in English.
  • Mandarin would be an asset. Working language during some risks visits and some customer’s seminars.


Individual Competencies:

  • The Risk Control / Loss Prevention Engineer profession requires individuals who demonstrate a great deal of rigor, keen decision-making skills and an ability to adapt to a variety of different situations, as well as an acute sense of responsibility and an affinity for cutting-edge technology.
  • Willing to travel extensively mostly in the AsiaPacific but also eventually on a worldwide scale.
  • Flexibility required in working hours and days due to the important traveling required.
  • Good presentation skills and negotiation skills as site surveys are done in presence of engineers from other companies with audit results presented to site general managers.



Required Education

  • Degree in Chemical Engineering or equivalent