Head of Data Scientists - Paris/London/Zurich

Date: Jan 13, 2022

Location: Paris, FR

Company: SCOR


Paris France (FR) 

or London, Zurich

Head of Data Scientists - Paris/London/Zurich 




 A new role has arisen within SCOR Global P & C , participating in the SCOR Global P&C transformation. The role will be focused on setting up and organising the data scientist’s community as well as conceptualizing and delivering  data models and advanced analytics impactful for the business

Job Summary
In the SCOR Global P&C division, under the direction of the Head of Data Strategy and as part of the transformational initiative, the Head of Data Scientists will be responsible to set up and manage a team/ community of data scientists in order to deliver data solutions and advanced analytics impactful for the business and aligned with the data strategy. He/she will bring innovation within all our key processes.

Key duties and responsibilities
•    Responsible for building the data scientists’ team / community and ensuring strong skills hiring
•    Responsible for defining and enforcing guidelines, standards and frameworks to support the entire data processes 
•    Work with business and leverage on the data community to identify data innovations and deliver valuable solutions 
•    Federate the Data Science Chapter by sharing knowledge, training, and best practices
•    Lead conception and development of data models that meet business needs and increase business value
•    Provide data-driven insights to inform on strategic decision making
•    Lead implementation teams to deliver data solutions compatible with state-of-the art production methods 
•    Being aware of innovations and research that could benefit to the business
•    Articulate clearly complex notions to non-specialists
•    Consolidate the data & model governance
•    Responsible to translate and communicate complex data concepts to non-technical audiences 
•    Collaborate with business stakeholders, underwriters, actuaries, …to ensure their support and commitment 

Member of the following committees E.g. Audit committee, Investment Committee etc.  None

Required experience & competencies

•    Extensive experience with data science and advanced analytics with proven track record in delivering end-to-end data initiatives 
•    Extensive experience managing people
•    Strong business acumen in reinsurance, insurance, actuarial, risk management  
•    Strong experience with artificial intelligence, predictive modelling concepts, machine-learning approaches, clustering, classification and crowdsourcing techniques (e.g GLMs, Decision Trees, SVM, Random Forests, GBM, PCA, Bayesian Networks, Neural Networks, etc.)
•    Experience with data architecture, data warehouse and data marts and cloud computing platforms (e.g. AWS, Azure)
•    Knowledge of software development best practice and code versioning (git usage, docstring, CI/CD; etc.)
•    Programming experience:  Python (preferred), R, SQL, Scala, experience with OOP
•    Experience in applying Agile methodology  
•    Some knowledge with Docker and containers.

Personal Competencies: 
•    Strong math and analytical skills 
•    Ability to create conceptual frameworks to address different business challenges 
•    Curious to champion the acquisition of new data sources to enhance value and fill gaps
•    Curious to transpose innovations (technical / academic) into business solutions

Soft skills: 
•    Strong communication skills 
•    Data-oriented personality
•    Team player
•    Curious and creative 
•    Multi-tasking 

Digital Competencies: 
Managerial competencies (if applicable): 

•    Extensive experience managing people

Required Education
•    Data science PhD or
•    Master's Degree in Data Science, Statistics, Applied Mathematics or related field, 
•    Actuarial background