VP, Head of Velogica

Date: Jan 14, 2022

Location: Charlotte, US

Company: SCOR


Charlotte United States (US) 


VP, Head of Velogica 


Strategy & Development 


Job Summary:

Manages the Velogica (US) business; a critical component of the US Market strategy of solving customer needs (with a concentration on underwriting needs) through technology.  A visionary who creates and executes the Velogica commercialization plan and contributes to the broad underwriting solutions strategy and provides business and technical expertise.


Duties & Responsibilities:

This role is responsible for providing guidance and direction to a cross-functional department in order to deliver business solutions to the life insurance industry.

  • Own the Velogica business by optimizing and growing the contributions it makes to the US Market strategic plan and SCOR’s purpose, including developing the Velogica brand, market awareness and competitive position.
  • Ensure Velogica deployments are done with strong prioritization of partners and that the deployment and maintenance investment is recuperated through direct or indirect revenues (higher margin from partnerships, embedded costs in pricing, fees, etc.)
  • Engage with customers to understand their needs and expand upon current service offering strengths to bring new capabilities to address those needs, including extending the predictive modeling capabilities that can be delivered through Velogica and Velogica Lightspeed, and building a state-of-the-art platform to increase the speed of the delivery cycle.
  • Engage in exploration to stay on the pulse of new developments in technology, data capabilities and digital underwriting and health and wellness information to ensure continued differentiation can competitiveness of the Velogica offering.
  • Take an active leadership role in cultivating SCOR’s brand in the marketplace as “a trusted advisor who helps clients accelerate innovation and scout the future” through articles, webinars, publications, speaking engagements, and participation on industry committees.
  • Develop and operationalize systems and processes to understand and adjust the performance of Velogica-underwritten offerings to ensure their success.
  • Foster psychological safety and instil the values of collaboration, respect, transparency and pride within the Velogica department and with their stakeholders and act as a servant leader for the Velogica department.
  • Promote the Agile practices and values to team help them understand the value of the process.
  • Adhering to all Information Security policies and best practices, including security awareness training and other information protection initiatives.
  • Other duties as required for the position.



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Actuarial Science or equivalent work experience.
  • 10+ years’ experience within an insurance or reinsurance organization, with at least 5 of those in a leadership role.
  • Demonstrated ability to channel a passion for results into concrete action and delivery.
  • Ability to understand a business objective and create a vision and roadmap that a team can follow to achieve that business objective.
  • Intellectual curiosity and demonstrated ability to research and solve complex technical problems.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills with demonstrated ability to understand audience and effectively communicate technical concepts.
  • Strong interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills.
  • Highly motivated, self-directed worker capable of developing detailed tasks from abstract assignments.
  • Capable of developing a high degree of psychological safety within teams.



Nearest Major Market: Lansing